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WebsterX will release his new album on Oct. 29

WebsterX has spent the last six months teasing a new album without actually announcing one, promoting a pair of knockout singles, " Huffy" and " 8:08PM." But today the acclaimed Milwaukee rapper made it official, confirming that a new album is on the way. It's called "1 of 1" and it'll be out Oct. 29.

"'1 of 1' is my most proud work to date," WebsterX tells us. "We took 2 1/2 years to make this. I had pressures from every angle to release more music in that time especially in this rapid era of music consumption. I didn't, I stuck to my vision and I can happily say I'm the biggest fan of my own art now. I took that time to get better. I created this body of work for myself before I thought about others, I had fun with it, I worked with amazing people on it, some were heroes. I tapped back into what makes me, me."

You can view the cover art and watch his "Huffy" and "8:08PM" music videos below.