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Milwaukee punk rockers Avenues share a Halloween-indebted video for their new single 'Lights Out'

Milwaukee punk mainstays have a new album just around the corner. It's called "We're All Doomed" and it'll be out Nov. 19 on Wiretap Records and SBÄM Records.

Last week the group shared an Eric Arsnow-directed video for the album's new single "Lights Out," which stitches together performance footage with a vibey montage of ghosts, ghouls, pumpkins and all things Halloween (the video introduces itself as an "Avenues Halloween Special.")

Avenues | Courtesy photo

"We are all fans of the WNUF cable access horror movies, and Eric did a great job of running with that idea for this music video," the band said. "It also makes it more appropriate since Halloween is right around the corner." 

You can stream the video below and find the single on Bandcamp.