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Gego Y Nony thank their day ones on new single 'Donde Están'

Most of us are still a few weeks away from compiling our year-end lists, but one Milwaukee album that's certain to rank high on our personal lists around the station is Gego Y Nony's "Tiempo," a set of blissed-out, velvet-smooth reggaeton from the rising Milwaukee duo.

Part of what makes that album stick is the way it lays out a vibe and never interrupts it, but on their new single "Donde Están," Gego Y Nony reveal another facet to their sound, deviating from the dreamy feel of their debut album for something a little more charged -- a callout to the haters who doubted them and a vow of support to the people who have rocked with them since day one.

You can stream and read about the new single below.

Gego Y Nony |

Artists' statement

Our song “Donde Están”is intended for an audience whose felt doubted on by the people who surround them or who have seen those people who surround them, change up on them over time. This song pays homage to those who have remained true to us from the start and have never changed up. Nony and I thank both those who have changed and those who have stayed true. Regardless of what role they’ve played, it’s made us who we are today. Our circle is small but we chose to surround ourselves with good energy and positivity. That is what Gego y Nony is all about!

You can stream their album "Tiempo" below.