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Father Sky finds calm amid chaos on 'The World's Aflame (And It Eats)'

For this week's premiere, we've got a meditative piece from songwriter/composer Father Sky, who describes the song as "a dirge for the world." Stream and read about "The World's Aflame (And It Eats)" below.

Father Sky | Photo credit: John Sterr
Father Sky - "The World's Aflame (And It Eats)

Artist's statement

“The World’s Aflame” was written on Halloween eve of 2017 while I was New York City. I started humming the melody as I walked alone through the streets amidst a maddening crowd of strangers. The air was charged -- earlier that day someone had ran several bicyclists over with their van -- NYPD had every unit out on alert. I felt like I was in a movie, between the intoxicated, costumed folks. ?

Anyway, this song is sort of a dirge for the world -- perhaps a cry from the bellows of the collective Mother that we all dwell in and on -- to varying degrees of harmony and disharmony.