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Devil Met Contention raise the bar with their 'Neon' video, a mammoth space epic

Even if you don't watch all that many music videos, you probably have an understanding that videos have leveled up over the last few years -- these days a cool lens and some performance footage doesn't really cut it. But that doesn't make it any less impressive to witness something like Devil Met Contention's new "Neon" video, a 10-minute epic that works as well as cinema as it does a music video. There's no way to watch it without thinking, "a Milwaukee band made this?"

Directed by the band's own Ehson Rad and duly indebted to Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey," as all great space films must be, the video follows an astronaut in crisis, with storyboarding and production values better than anything you'll see on the Syfy network. As Milwaukee Record reports, the space suits were designed by local costume designer Lyssa Kay, who provided each one “a functional electric motor powered breathing apparatus and a full dome style helmet that allows the wearer 360 views.”

Devil Met Contention "Neon" |

You can watch the video and stream the band's latest EP "Wait" below. You're going to want to click the "full screen" button for this one.