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Christopher Dallman plugs into the heat of short-term love on new track

Like it or not, we’re into August. That means summer’s winding down, even if the temperature isn’t. So it’s a perfect time for this week’s Milwaukee Music Premiere: “Like I Love” from Christopher Dallman.

Wrapping electronic elements around a theme of summer romance bound to fade when the leaves fall, the song has a distinctly dark — almost fatalistic — feel. But this is by no means a bummer of a track. The beat keeps it firmly in a groove that makes you want to roll the windows down, humidity be damned.

“Like I Love” — and the “Animal” EP on which it resides — is another step in Dallman’s electronic exploration, which began in earnest on 2020 album “Digital Blue.” This time around, he opts for a more natural vocal sound that serves him well on the new single.

You can listen to it below and find the new EP — along with Dallman’s full catalog — on Bandcamp.
Christopher Dallman, "Like I Love"