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Bryan Cherry shares an emotional epiphany on soulful new single

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Every relationship has tipping points. The ones that last always tip in the direction of perseverance and, ultimately, positivity. Bryan Cherry captures that feeling beautifully on his new track, “Yes, We’ve Got It.”

The first thing you hear are Cherry’s smooth, airy vocals declaring, “I’ll do whatever it takes to fix my mistakes.” It sets a tone of self-realization and resilience that carries through, stirring emotions that seem to nearly overwhelm Cherry at several points. 

“It’s about rising above yourself for the greater good for something that is more than worth it to you,” he explained. “The searching of the verses and the exuberance of the chorus is actually what it felt like to come to that realization in real time.”

The song is propelled by soul and warmth, both in the message Cherry delivers and the performances backing him. Matt Turner (bass), Matt Rhyner (drums), Brooks Milgate (keyboard) and Cherry’s longtime guitarist Sean Williamson manage to merge their performances while still finding opportunities to shine individually.

You can listen to “Yes, We’ve Got It” below and on Cherry’s new EP, “The Power,” which is available this Friday, Aug. 12. He also has a pair of Milwaukee appearances coming up: Sept. 17 at Tonic Tavern and a Bruce Springsteen Tribute Show on Sept. 23 at Linneman’s Riverwest.
Bryan Cherry, "Yes, We've Got It"