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Doubter's new single wraps introspection in catchy pop-punk hooks

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Doubter put their faith in teamwork on their forthcoming, self-titled EP, making for a truly collective effort.

The Milwaukee band spent the past year in basements and bedrooms, DIY-ing a solid nugget of angsty pop-punk. And if there’s any danger of getting lost in the crashing waves of the heartfelt harmonies on this EP, those crunchy guitars and down-to-earth musings will bring you right back home — in the case of their new single, literally.

“Go Home” has band leader Cameron Murdoch sharing, “It's easy to blame other people, but it’s harder to self-reflect.” The track is indeed a sweet little self-inflicted sucker punch, with intentions to leave a mark. 

“Hopefully, this song can be a jumping-off point for a bigger conversation you need to have with yourself.” Murdoch said. “Addressing your own flaws is this first step, and that's what this song and all of the other songs on the EP are about.” 

As catchy as it is, “Go Home” still pushes its listeners to take the plunge and have those hard conversations. Listen to it here and find Doubter’s self-titled EP on all streaming platforms this Friday, Aug. 12.
Doubter, "Go Home"