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KASE’s new track is a sonic, spontaneous sojourn through the cosmos

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When someone achieves truly sublime spontaneity, skepticism is sure to follow.

That’s the trouble with improvisation. When you do it well, nobody believes you came up with it on the spot. KASE doesn’t need to worry about that as much; the jazz trio’s credibility is beyond doubt after dropping a series of albums featuring music made in the moment.

Their next one, Season Two: Full Bloom, is out this Friday, Sept. 2. But you can get a cosmic-tinged preview right now, courtesy of new single “Ecaps.” KASE’s Jamie Breiwick called it “a little nod to the GREAT interstellar sound traveler Sun Ra,” which is all you’ll get as far as assigned meaning. 

While the trio is happy to take listeners on a journey, they’re not about to give them directions. “Our hope is that the songs are left to the listener’s imagination,” Breiwick explained, “to let the meaning be revealed in each moment to each individual.”

Far be it from me to deprive you of that opportunity by providing the usual analysis, descriptions and so forth. Just listen for yourself. Then take it in live when KASE plays Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel this Saturday, Sept. 3, and the Jazz Estate on Sept. 10.
"Ecaps," KASE