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Playing it cool ain’t easy on Danny Arcane’s latest single

Danny Arcane sits on a leather chair surrounded by plants in front of a red background.

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It’s cuffing season!

Don’t know what that is? Until four seconds ago, neither did I. Apparently, it’s the name given to the time of year when people look for a warm body to help get them through the cold months ahead, and then metaphorically handcuff themselves to that person.

Fortunately for you, we have just the thing you need right now (not a warm body; you’re on your own there): a cuffing anthem with autumnal vibes from Milwaukee-by-way-of-Peterborough-England artist Danny Arcane.

The characters in the lyrics of “She Said” can only hope they come off as smooth as the music side of the song does. It’s in the neighborhood of Josh Rouse — the guitar is warm, the drums are happy not to dominate, and everything’s laid back. Well, almost everything:

How do I say I like you OK
While trying to keep it chill
I take a breath and then I forget
The words I should’ve spilled

Arcane pulled the clumsy approach from experience. The original inspiration for the song was the first time he met his wife and the nonchalant demeanor he used to cover up that he was crazy about her. 

That seemed to work out pretty well. So if you’re single right now, listen to “She Said” below and dream of your own spectacular results in the months ahead. Happy cuffing.
"She Said," Danny Arcane