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Dan Kolesari searches for support amid struggles in ‘I Need You’

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Trumpet intros are very hot right now (maybe just in baseball circles, but still). The one Dan Kolesari slid into the opening moments of new single “I Need You” puts you a little off balance by making you feel like you’re about to square off with a thousand-pound bull.

The trumpet call doesn’t have much to do with the song’s overall sound, which is more melancholy than mariachi. But it does pay off in the lyrics, as Kolesari uses our daily battles to frame how critical helping hands are.

“This song was written about how important and meaningful support can be from other people,” he explained. “Even the smallest amount goes a really long way. For artists, it’s what can keep us creating.”

There’s a general sadness and slight desperation to “I Need You” that’s occasionally broken up by the horn section’s return. It’s the sound of someone expecting their support to be pulled out from under them at any time without knowing if something will be there to replace it.

Kolesari packs in the emotion, and you can hear it for yourself below, as well as wherever you listen to 88Nine. “I Need You” is also part of his fourth album, River Road, which is out this Friday, Oct. 28. It’ll be on all streaming services, but for those interested in providing some of the support Kolesari sings about, you can find it on his Bandcamp page.
"I Need You," Dan Kolesari