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Fellow Kinsman ponders the age-old question: To go or not to go?

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Some songs tell a story. Some songs just are stories. Fellow Kinsman single “Restless Soul” is the latter for me. As its 269 seconds ticked along, I couldn’t help but graft a three-act play on top of the song, which I’ll title “Should I leave the house tonight?”

Act I (0:00-3:10) — Contemplation

As Fellow Kinsman’s surf-rock vibe kicks in, reminding me it’s been too long since I listened to The Strokes, Nate Kinsman’s vocals lay out the scene for us. It’s a somewhat unsettling picture of our main character — and maybe this is just the time of year talking — observing a zombie-like horde straining for something to do instead of brains to eat. 

All these desperate souls
Looking for a ride
Hands reach out the wall
Thirsting with fright

As the chorus kicks in, our hero seems to be leaning toward joining the masses.

I just want to live again
And feel alright
It’s been a long time
I just want to live again
And feel alive

Act II (3:10-3:33) — Motivation

By this point, it’s clear: This person wants to leave the house. But can they work up the actual physical requirements to do so, or will it be another night of streaming services and social-media surfing? A brief instrumental section captures this tension nicely. Things get quiet. The tempo slows. Our hero is a coiled spring.

Act III (3:33-4:29) — Execution

Then, BAM! Volume up. Shouted vocals of “Wake up the night!” over and over again. As Nate Kinsman explained (much more succinctly than I just did), “Without giving too much detail, time is too precious, and I don’t want to be the sorry son of a gun who wasted it.”

Listening to the new track is time well spent. Do that below or anywhere you listen to 88Nine. Also time well spent: The album release show this Saturday, Oct. 29, at Arts @ Large to celebrate Fellow Kinsman’s sophomore record, Where Were You, available the same day in all the usual places, including Bandcamp.
"Restless Soul," Fellow Kinsman