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‘City Friends’ puts life choices under the microscope

Three men laugh while looking at the camera as they hold a fourth laughing man in the air with his legs horizontal.
Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang

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There isn’t much physical distance between Port Washington and Milwaukee. But the new single from Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang shows how cities like that can feel light years apart, especially at a pivotal point in a young person’s life.

Pfrang penned “City Friends” after going on a date with someone from his hometown 30 minutes north of Milwaukee, and it seems their conversation went beyond the usual small talk. At the very least, it inspired him to examine that post-college period when “your social circle tends to tighten, and you're forced to confront the dilemma of moving back home or sticking it out in the city.”

“Talking to most people,” Pfrang continued, “they reflect on their 20s as being wild and fun, but also a time of great uncertainty and doubt. Most have no clue if they’ll applaud the choices of their younger self. We’re essentially bouncing around, seeing what works and what doesn't.”

Appropriately, the song has a bouncy sort of feel, with staccato guitar and crisp percussion underlying the story of a girl who doesn’t seem real thrilled with where she’s at right now:

Played my hand and made my bets
She said I’ll give you everything
Cause I’m not a big fan of regret
Have you ever felt so far from home
No one ever tells you when ur on ur own

“City Friends” is in our 88Nine rotation, but you can listen to it right now using the player at the top of the page. If you want to celebrate its release with Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang, they’re headlining a deep lineup at Company Brewing this Saturday, Jan. 7.