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‘Mind Perfection’ puts WITH’s lifelong connection on display

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Isaiah Leavitt and Anthony Deutsch have one of those friendships most of us can identify with. You’re close in your younger days, life eventually comes along to nudge you away from each other, and then you discover you’re able to fall back into that old feeling easier than you might have imagined.

“That old feeling” in this case is their musical project, WITH. And there most certainly is a friendly, easy connection on this Milwaukee Music Premiere for their new track, “Mind Perfection.”

Hit that play button at the top of the page, and you’ll get immediate Tame Impala-ish vibes from the distorted keys warbling over a thumpy bass and crispy snare line. Duetsch takes it from there with a delivery that’s gentle without disappearing, direct without being insistent. It’s a good match for lyrics that, as he puts it, “are certainly informed by my propensity for Buddhist thought.”

Mind perfection comes to you so stay clear
These are only shapes, I hope you take care
There is nothing more that I can say here 
Fear and love are here to stay, now stay here

He and Leavitt made their initial connection in Random Lake before diverging on separate musical endeavors. This song — and the two others on their EP coming out March 20 — is the product of their longtime friendship that led to a new (by comparison) partnership. “We’re excited to share this music,” Deutsch said, “as there is so much more to come.”

Listen to “Mind Perfection” using the player on this page, over the air on 88.9FM in the Milwaukee area, and streaming everywhere on our website and mobile app.