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Andrew Cesarz tries to keep life from tipping over on ‘Balancing Act’

A man stands in a darkened space looking down at a grand piano.

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A lot of musicians — most of them, in fact — are also something else. They’re a musician and an accountant … or a salesperson … or a marketing manager at a non-commercial radio station. Andrew Cesarz has firsthand familiarity with that “musician and” life, making it the centerpiece of his soon-to-be-released single “Balancing Act” we’re premiering today.

Cesarz not only takes on the role of musician, he’s also a full-time architectural designer AND part-time teacher at UW-Milwaukee. It’s a good look for a LinkedIn profile but maybe not the easiest scenario for writing an album.

“There was a period of a few months where all I did was sleep, eat, work and write music,” Cesarz recalled. “It was very overwhelming, and [it] would eventually become necessary for me to choose the things that I wanted over the things that I felt others expected out of me.”

Priorities established, the new single emerged as part of a batch of songs that’ll make up his full-length debut coming out this August. Its insistent piano and thudding drumbeat get right to the anxiety of trying to establish some kind of equilibrium in your life. That feeling only intensifies as the song goes along, adding background vocals/taunts and other elements to reach the overwhelming state of mind Cesarz experienced firsthand.

Come on, little buddy
See how you still want to be
Part of a different scene?
You thought you could figure it out
Working a well-paying job
Bought by a college degree
Now you’re walking the tight line in between

You can travel that path with Cesarz using the “Listen” button at the top of the page and watch for the single’s official release this Friday, April 7.