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Supertentacles’ new single is prime summer road trip material

A man in aviator sunglasses pokes his head between the posts of a "Wrong Way" sign with a blue sky and clouds in the background.
Brett Newski

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Have you ever wanted to hop in the car and go … wherever? No destination in mind. No agenda. No itinerary. Just roll down the road and see where the universe takes you. That feeling of easy-going exploration is all over Supertentacles’ “The Road to Nowhere,” a laid-back track we’re premiering right here.

The song comes by its traveling bona fides honestly. Milwaukee-based Sean Anderson created the Supertentacles project to live alongside his role as a touring musician for a couple local bands, including Yum Yum Cult and NEWSKI. He plotted out “The Road to Nowhere” right after tooling around with the latter, with fond newlywed memories on his mind.

“I wrote this song after getting back from my first long tour with the band NEWSKI,” Anderson recalled. “At that time, I was also recalling the honeymoon I took with my wife to a bunch of national parks across the country. It's a pretty straightforward song about hitting the road without really knowing where you're going and the freedom that comes from breaking away from your usual routine.”

Jumpin’ out to change the tires
And all our clothes smell like fire
If It could always be like this
I’d never count the minutes
The days, the hours, the seconds

By the end of the pleasantly meandering track, you’ll be ready to hook up the camper to your trailer hitch — whether you have either or not — and disappear.

You can hear the new song right now using the “Listen” button at the top of the page and as part of the 88Nine playlist, as well as on all streaming services (including Bandcamp) when it releases next Friday, May 5.