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Shle Berry’s ‘Cranberry Vodka’ is liquid courage served up right

 A woman looks at the camera while running one hand through her closely cropped hair.
Rodney Johnson

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Wisconsin enjoys its alcohol. Maybe you’ve heard. Maybe you’ve experienced some of the tamer consequences of enjoying a little too much of it. Somewhere on the list is “saying something you wouldn’t have otherwise,” which typically does not end well.

For as many times as that happens, it’s encouraging to hear an example of it actually working out. Shle Berry provides one such example on this Milwaukee Music Premiere of “Cranberry Vodka.”

Wobbly synth and a weighty bassline take you into the track, setting a scene that feels more “late-night lounge” than “crowded club.” The cocktail from the title is present, of course, although not in problematic quantities based on lyrics that tip the honesty toward refreshing:

You haven't seen that you're amazing, no.
Your sense of certainty gets hated on.
You're not the type to get complacent, woah.
There's so many ways that we can take it.
I need someone here to hold me down.
You somehow completely sweep me off my feet.
And they barely ever touch the ground.

Although most listeners familiar with Berry would put her in the rap genre, she slides into a sensual serenade on “Cranberry Vodka,” heaping compliments on a lady love interest who couldn’t possibly resist this approach if the world is at all fair. As Berry explained, “Like most people who dabble with this addictive liquid, there’s an unequivocal amount of honesty. There’s desire, yet reflection. There’s freedom, but also ownership — an interesting dance we stumble through as we mature as lovers.”

Hit the “Listen” button at the top of the page to hear “Cranberry Vodka,” and visit Shle Berry’s home on the web to get more info on her music and where to follow her on social.