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The open road beckons on Tangled Lines’ new track

Seven musicians perform on stage at a small music venue.

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A lot goes into being a responsible adult. Thoughtful decision-making. Careful analysis of the stressors in your life. Maintaining control of your emotions so as not to act rashly.

You could also just jump into the nearest car and go.

There are times when that hasty exit strategy sounds pretty good, including on this Milwaukee Music Premiere of Tangled Lines’ new single, “Hit the Pedal.” As the title suggests, this is not a place to be looking for double and triple meanings or metaphors or obscure references. It’s a “I’ve had just about enough of this crap, and it’s about time I did something about it” kind of song.

The guitars wail. The drums are exclamation points at the end of every line. The harmonized chorus feels like it should come standard with a Pontiac Trans Am t-top. This is a road song that makes you want to release your hands from the shackles of 10 and 2, take off and leave your troubles behind:

Hit the pedal
Foot to the floor now
Chase the horizon
All through the night
No one out here
It’s just you and me now
The king and queen
Of the highway tonight

“Life is too short to stay static and work through the monotony of life,” the band explained in their notes about the song. “Sometimes it’s about starting over, and other times it’s more about leaving your situation and finding what excites you about life. How many times have you gone on a road trip and it’s been for the heck of it instead of having an actual destination? It’s time to hit the pedal and find those adventures in life before it passes you by.”

You can listen to “Hit the Pedal” using the player at the top of the page and on 88Nine, as well as on Tangled Lines’ upcoming EP. The band also has a string of dates lined up for the summer, including June 10 at Lions Fest in Thiensville, Aug. 13 at the Wisconsin State Fair and Aug. 24 at the Schauer Center in Hartford.