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King Myles finds a path through pain on ‘Look at the Moon’

 A man sitting in a darkened room with subtle blue lighting looks at the ground with a sorrowful look on his face.
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King Myles

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Loss hits us in different ways. We withdraw, we throw ourselves into work, we embrace it and try to process — sometimes too fast for our own good. Milwaukee hip-hop artist King Myles unfortunately had to discover his approach to loss when his father died in 2019. That journey led to today’s premiere of “Look at the Moon.”

Like many people around that time, Myles’ pain was compounded by the pandemic. Getting back to normalcy in his own world was a near-impossibility because there was nothing normal about the world at large. It all rolled up into a hiatus from music, delaying his desire to honor his father the way he wanted to — the way he knew best.

Then, in April 2022, he had enough. Enough of the external factors he couldn’t control. Enough self-pity and self-destruction. Enough sitting on the sideline. He figured out what he could control and focused on those things: how he felt about himself, breaking bad habits he picked up along the way and getting back to the creative outlets that brought him joy in the past.

After 14 months, he’s nearly ready to show the world the fruit of those labors. Later this summer, he’ll release Virtual Recluse, an album he calls “a pivotal, transformative record and most genuine representation to date.” Today, we premiere “Look at the Moon,” a track that combines relatively low-key instrumentation with Myles’ rat-a-tat lyrical delivery focused on a message he’s all too familiar with — acknowledging loss and adjusting your life accordingly:

Ain’t it bizarre?
All of the time that we wasted retracing the scars, yeah
Maybe we’re missing the target
Missing the mark, yeah

Nothing to do
Summer in June
Hop in and cruise
Look at the moon
Live in the moment
Cuz you never know when 
The reaper is coming for you

A couple of brews
Up on the roof
Look at the moon
Wake up at noon and recoup and repeat it again like there’s nothing to do

You can listen to “Look at the Moon” using the player at the top of the page, and catch it as part of the 88Nine playlist over the air and streaming on the website, as well as our mobile app.