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Diamond Dee and Tankyie tackle Milwaukee's most iconic beat, 'My Projects,' on 'Going Too Far'

Coo Coo Cal's breakout hit " My Projects" turned 20 years old this year, and it remains the most instantly recognizable beat ever to come out of Milwaukee, as well as the only number one rap hit ever to come out of the city. So perhaps it was only a matter of time until some rappers from the city's new school tried flipping it and making their own.

On their new single "Going Too Far," Milwaukee rappers Diamond Dee and Tankyie live up to the track's title, trading smack talk as Bigg Hank's iconic "My Projects" production blares audaciously. It's all gleefully, gloriously disrespectful — if somebody had to lift this beat, I'm glad it was them.

Diamond Dee, Tankyie and company | "Going Too Far"

You can watch the song's crisp DineroGangRay video, which follows the rappers both at work and at play, below.