Mic Crawf and Moses overcome their struggles on their new track ‘Frontin”

Mic Crawf and Moses overcome their struggles on their new track ‘Frontin”

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Every week, 88Nine brings you a new track from a Milwaukee artist. They send it to us. We post it here. You hear it before everyone else.

This week, we’ve got a piece of classic, old-school hip-hop from the duo Mic Crawf and Moses. Stream and read about their latest jam, “Frontin’,” featuring Ms. Lotus Fankh, below.

Mic Crawf x Moses – “Frontin'”
Mic Crawf x Moses | Photo By Josie Steinfort

Artist’s statement

“Frontin'” is the lead single from the upcoming Mic Crawf x Moses EP entitled “T.H.I.S. (Truth Highlighted In Song)” and is a lyrical journey from the perspective of an individual dealing with the heated political climate, repeated injustices, and everyday struggles in the U.S. It also features the smooth backing vocals of our good friend, Ms. Lotus Fankh, who adds the perfect layer of soul over Moses’ turntable cuts to polish it off. The record is the product of a blooming friendship that grew out of the Uptowner bar’s Sunday open mic night where Moses was the DJ and Mic Crawf the host. It’s also the product of triumph against the odds through the medical emergencies that had both Mic Crawf and Moses in near death situations: Mic Crawf — a failing kidney and in desperate need of a transplant, and Moses — a battle with Leukemia and in need of a bone-marrow transplant. With both members now transplanted, healthy, and thriving, “Truth Highlighted In Song” is finally ready for the world as a celebration of life, an appreciation for what we have, and a call to better not only ourselves, but our society.

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