Milwaukee’s Juiceboxxx rises to ‘the next next level’

Milwaukee’s Juiceboxxx rises to ‘the next next level’

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You may know indie rap-rocker Juiceboxxx from the radio and his energetic track “

Their relationship

Part memoir, essay and narrative story, the genre-dismissing book has a subtitle of “a story of rap, friendship and almost giving up.” However, Neyfakh doesn’t claim to be close with the artist.

“I don’t presume to know him intimately. As much as he puts himself out there, he’s still kind of an enigma in a lot of ways.”

Regardless of relationship, the impact on the author is clearly strong.  The book is a love letter, idolizing but sincere and endlessly positive. That sincerity seems to be connecting with its audience. Celebrities like Lena Dunham, Chuck Klosterman and media like The New Yorker, Pitchfork, The Washington Post, Details, The Guardian and more have written positive reviews.

Juiceboxxx’s take

How does all of this affect the subject himself?

Juiceboxxx takes great care to control his aesthetic, performance and vision. He has a lifestyle brand – Thunder Zone Entertainment — his own label and energy drink empire (even profiled by Forbes).

When we asked him about the book, he described the experience as “just a crazy project and something like this may never happen to me again. It’s hard. I’ve had a really tough time articulating my feelings about the book because it is a really complex thing.

“The book isn’t necessarily the way I would tell my own story, it’s coming from someone else’s perspective and it’s also dovetailing with their own narrative. More than anything, it’s a lot of different things happening simultaneously with this book and it’s more about just trying to stay sane and use it to promote the record label and maybe it would help people to put me in context, although the book doesn’t place me in context the way I would… that said, obviously it’s positive.”

The author replies

Neyfakh’s response: “Anyone reading the book would characterize it as a love letter. I don’t think anyone reading the book would come away from it not thinking anything but positive things about Juice and being interested in Juice and being curious about his life’s work.”

The two men have been promoting in tandem, sharing interview sessions, podcasts and articles. The promotion has been fruitful for both. For Juiceboxxx, an opportunity to promote his new album, “Heartland 99.”

Though conflicted, Juice concedes, “there’s a lot of things hard to come to terms with, but maybe that’s just me trying to come to terms with myself.”

“The Next Next Level” is published by Melville House Books and is available HERE.
“Heartland 99” on Thunder Zone Ent. Records is available by “name-your-price” download HERE.

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