NilexNile flaunts his fun side on his strutting ‘If You Down’ video

NilexNile flaunts his fun side on his strutting ‘If You Down’ video

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NilexNile (formerly Nile) recently released a two-fer. His new EP “Treason Youth” is a loaded follow-up to his summer release “Hunter” and the latest music video “If You Down” perfectly captures his hypnotizing style and vibe, blending jazz, R&B, and downtempo electronic music with his own signature twist.

Directed by Anthony Doffek and Steven Robinson, the video is a heavy dose of vitamin D during these chiller days. Its fun-loving upbeat style is palpable, effortless and contagious. “I just wanted to make a fun party record with style so no matter who hears the record, they would know I was versatile and fun,” Nile says.

While the video provides an easygoing and feel-good energy, the track is a slight detour from the rapper’s story in “Treason Youth.”

NilexNile explains, “the album is a reflection about my life, it’s about being a black kid in America facing my trails as a minority and finding my way through the music to make a way for myself. My purpose for making music is to change the perspective of what everyone think is the norm and showing others they can take a chance being them and that will be the new norm, being yourself.”

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