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Seven Milwaukee DJs share your soundtrack to Juneteenth


Milwaukee is home to one of the nation's longest running Juneteenth celebrations, and Milwaukee DJs fill our city with great music every Juneteenth day. Knowing that COVID-19 was going to dramatically affect the way Milwaukee celebrates Juneteenth this year, we teamed up with Doctor B to curate mixes from our city's finest DJs. Thanks to DJs Bizzon, Dripsweat, Gemini Gilly, Avets, Lolo and Stretch we were able to bring the sounds of Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration over the airwaves to share with the entire city.

The Midwest Mixer Dr. B, DJ Gemini Gilly, DJ Lolo

DJ Dripsweat, DJ Avets, DJ Bizzon, DJ Stretch

As many of you know, our DJs have been forced to live stream or not play at all during this pandemic, so please support them in any way you can. I am sure they would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

88Nine Asst. Program Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee