The official ‘Backspin’ podcast listening guide

The official ‘Backspin’ podcast listening guide

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Finding Milwaukee’s first hip-hop song wasn’t as easy as simply Googling it. We couldn’t just go to the record store or YouTube for a definitive answer.

So, we made a podcast — Backspin: The Search for Milwaukee’s First Hip-Hop Song.

Turns out even the word “first” was contentious. Do you define first as the first song pressed on wax? Does it count if it’s on a 45 verses a 12-inch? What if no one remembered that first song or it didn’t have much influence? What if the makers of the song never considered themselves hip-hop artists? It gets complicated.

To accompany your podcast experience, we’ve assembled an official listening guide. Find a playlist of the key songs we reference in the podcast, an interactive map of the places we talk about and a cast of characters to help you put faces to names.

Check it out below.

Hear the music

Here’s a YouTube playlist with the most important songs from the podcast. Navigate using the button labeled “1/7” in the top right corner.

Meet the cast

Get to know some of the people we interviewed for this podcast.

Where it all happened

Wondering where all of this took place? We’ve compiled a map of locations mentioned in the podcast.

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