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Who's going to win </br>Best Song of the Year?

Best Song of the Year RMMA 2015 logo

There are five finalists for "Best Song of the Year" in Thursday night's Radio Milwaukee Music Awards.

Five really different songs.

From hard-driving rock to hip-hop, from indie pop to electronic and spaces in between, the musical styles in this category clearly display the Milwaukee music scene's range of genres -- and talent.

Take a listen to the finalists below. Voting has ended...but, who would you choose?

And, if you want to come to the awards party, get tickets here.


1. "This is Our Year" -- Lex Allen (featuring Lorde Fredd33)

Party vibe and empowering, positive message -- to be true to yourself.  Plus, fun crowd-shout-along chorus: "This is our year - AY!" Lex Allen is one of two finalists in this category from New Age Narcissism (NAN).

Will it be his year?





2. "All My Girls" -- The Living Statues

This single showcases the band's hard-driving, garage-rock sound and lead singer Tommy Shears' intensity. The Living Statues performed at last year's Radio Milwaukee Music Awards.



3. "Milwaukee" -- Maritime

The song calls Milwaukee a "one horse town." Some of our listeners don't see this as such a positive. But the song's video certainly feels like a love letter to the city -- and hey, it includes a scene at 88Nine -- so we'll give Maritime the benefit of the doubt.



4. "Doomsday" -- Webster X (featuring Siren)

Webster X is the second finalist in this category from New Age Narcissism (NAN). And the spacey hip-hop track features another NAN member, Siren. As a reviewer wrote in Noisey, "The beat trickles in then -- exhale -- the words drop."


5. "The Morning" -- NONOYEAHOKAY

ELECTRONICHIPHOPPUNK. This band definitely likes mashing things together. In a good way. Led by Colin Plant's vocals, NNYO call themselves "Electro Soul Pioneers." This single is from their debut EP, "Dual."


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee