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Watch new music video from Milwaukee's Devil Met Contention

Devil Met Contention took home a Radio Milwaukee Music Award for "Best Disc We Missed" last year. We don't want to make that mistake again, so we're sharing the new single from the "Gothic Americana" band and corresponding music video.

The video for "Used to Be" was created by Helix Productions, aka Director Quinn Hester and Co-Director Jessica Farrell late last year. RDI Stages in St. Francis housed the set that looks like a smokey club you might find in Twin Peaks. The moodiness fits the tone of the song and crooner Ehson Rad performs with the band cutting to two pairs of dancers in shadows bathed in artificial snow.

"Used to Be" will be released on the full album in late spring.

See Devil Met Contention live as part of the Arte Para Todos music and art festival, tonight at Boone & Crockett.

Watch "Used to Be" by Devil Met Contention below:

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