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Frank Ocean hints at an album release date via a library book slip?

One of the most anticipated albums of last year and this year is Frank Ocean's "Boys Don't Cry." There have been so many rumors of the album release date that the album title should be changed to "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

However, that might change.  Over at his "Boys Don't Cry" website an image of a library book slip appears with various dates stamped on it. The dates are listed in chronological order except for a stamp that reads November 13, 2016 that falls after the "Oct 9, 2015" stamp. The last stamp on the slip looks like a date in July of 2016.  And at the bottom of the slip, you can see the album title "Boys Don't Cry."

Does this mean the album release will either happen in July or November? Back in April, Frank Ocean announced that a new album would be coming in July.  Fingers crossed. Check out the image of the library card slip below. (via Pitchfork)


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