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Wilco will drop a new album titled, 'Schmilco' on Sept. 9, shares new track


A few days ago, Wilco celebrated the one-year anniversary of the release of their album "Star Wars" by giving away new song titled "Locator." Today, the band announced that they will be releasing a new album called "Schmilco." The album will be released on Sept. 9 (via Pitchfork)

You can pre-order the album via iTunes. You will get another song titled“If I Ever Was a Child," when you pre-order the album. The aforementioned track "Locator" will also be on "Schmilco."

You can check out the tracklisting and album artwork, which was designed by Joan Cornellà below.
Appears that the news of the album leaked via the Wilco Reddit page.

Here is the album artwork:

Here is Schmilco's tracklisting:

01 Normal American Kids
02 If I Ever Was a Child
03 Cry All Day
04 Common Sense
05 Nope
06 Someone to Lose
07 Happiness
08 Quarters
09 Locator
10 Shrug and Destroy
11 We Aren't the World (Safety Girl)
12 Just Say Goodbye

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