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It looks like Frank Ocean will be releasing new music very soon

Frank Ocean streaming video

After months and years of speculations and rumors, could Frank Ocean be releasing new music very soon. A few weeks ago, Ocean shared an image of library due date card featuring several dates. One of those dates led many to believe that he would release new music this month.

If you head to his website at, you will see a live streaming video of an unfinished room containing two tables with several contraptions on them. In the top-left corner of the video, there is the Apple Music logo. This probably means that the music will debut on Apple's streaming service.  FYI: The streaming video works best with Safari (obviously).

UPDATE: According to the source code, Ocean's site seems to be developed by the same folks who did the websites of Kanye West, and Tribeca Film Festival.

Screengrab of the live streaming video on Frank Ocean's website.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee