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WebsterX drops new song, announces new album and distribution deal

Patience is a virtue, and we have been waiting over a year for new music from preeminent Milwaukee musician, WebsterX. Today he breaks the silence with “Blue Streak.” “Blue Streak” will be the first single on what will be WebsterX’s debut album.

“Blue Streak” follows singles like “Doomsday” and “Lately” which have helped launch a new movement in Milwaukee’s music scene. WebsterX’s biggest asset might be the earnest expression of his lines. You can almost feel his heart in his throat as he pushes lines past clenched teeth and into our own hearts. Catch the raw passion on “Blue Streak”

WebsterX ALSO signed a distribution deal with Closed Sessions, whose roster includes Kweku Collins and Jamila Woods. WebsterX says,”In this deal I still own 100% of my masters, full creative control and direction of my music. So I am still considered an independent artist. Closed Sessions will be extending my reach with their valuable connections, they're a pair of extra legs to the 'WebsterX Team'".