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50 songs to alleviate voter and election fatigue

Election Fatigue

There are only few more hours left till the polls close. If I see another campaign ad; an insane debate; screaming political pundits; and  crazy political statuses on Facebook, I might just lose it.  And I’m not alone.

The “medical term” for this condition is called election fatigue or voter fatigue.  Here at 88Nine we have put together a prescription of 50 songs to alleviate election fatigue. You can find songs with ironic titles to uplifting lyrics to a great beat to dance to.  There are tunes from artists such as Prince, The Clash, Bobby McFerrin, Nine Inch Nails, Nina Simone, Andrew Bird, and more.  So grab your favorite beverage (I prefer bourbon - neat), turn up the volume and enjoy.  Side effects include laughing hysterically, intense booty shaking, and excessive sighing. If you like, place your TV on mute and watch the election coverage. But it do it in small doses.

Check out our Spotify playlist here.

Read more below.

  1. Kamari Washington - “Change of the Guard”
  2. Michael Kiwanuka - “Home Again”
  3. Prince - Sign o the Times
  4. Thundercat - “Them Changes”
  5. Sade - Feel No Pain
  6. Rob Base - “It Takes Two”
  7. Bobby McFerrin - “Don’t Worry, Be happy”
  8. The Jones Girl - “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”
  9. Max Romeo - “Chase The Devil”
  10. Lou Reed - “Walk On The Wild Side”
  11. Johnny Cash - “There You Go”
  12. Nu Shooz - “Can’t Wait”
  13. Kendrick Lamar - “Alright”
  14. Daye Jack - “Save My Soul”
  15. Kwamie Liv - “Pleasure This Pain”
  16. Bill Withers - “Use Me”
  17. The Chamber Brothers - “Time Has Come Today”
  18. The Rolling Stones - “Plundered My Soul”
  19. The Weeknd - “Can’t Feel My Face”
  20. Stevie Wonder - “We Can Work It Out”
  21. Alabama Shakes - “Don’t Wanna Fight”
  22. Kendrick Lamar - “i”
  23. Method Man - “Brind The Pain”
  24. Anderson .Paak - “Come Down”
  25. Jay-Z - “Hard Knock Life”
  26. The Clash - “Should I Stay or Should I Go”
  27. The Smiths - “Please, Please,Let Me Get What I Want This Time”
  28. Run DMC - “It’s Like That”
  29. A Tribe Called Quest - “Stressed Out”
  30. Drake - “Started From the Bottom”
  31. D’Angelo - “Betray My Heart”
  32. B-52’s - “Dance This Mess Around”
  33. Nine Inch Nails - “Head Like a Hole”
  34. De La Soul - “Pain”
  35. Destiny Child - “Nasty Girl”
  36. N.E.R.D. - “Run To The Sun”
  37. Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned
  38. The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches
  39. El Vy - Are These My Jets
  40. Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It's Over
  41. Talking Heads - “Road To Nowhere”
  42. Bjork - It’s Oh So Quiet”
  43. Janet Jackson - “Got ’Til It’s Gone”
  44. Nina Simone - “Feeling Good”
  45. Dipole & Nicky Da B - “Express Yourself”
  46. The Beatles - “Come Together”
  47. R.E.M. - “I Believe”
  48. Andrew Bird - “Are You Serious”
  49. Van Morrison - “Bright Side of The Road”
  50. Bruce Cockburn - “Call It Democracy”

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee