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VoodooHoney Records marks a new chapter in Milwaukee’s renaissance

Milwaukee’s newest independent record label will be home to some of the city’s fastest growing artists. Over the past few years Milwaukee’s music and art scene has developed into a unique and colorful mecca of creativity in Wisconsin. The unveiling of VoodooHoney Records marks a new chapter in Milwaukee’s renaissance.

Label founder Jay Anderson hopes to, “Proliferate and strengthen the integrity of the arts in Milwaukee”. With artists like rappers Lorde Fredd33 and Klassik, rising poet Kavon Cortez- Jones and Noh Life’s Strehlow, VoodooHoney Records may be the new center of independent creativity in Milwaukee. Anderson says that what makes VoodooHoney different from other labels is the focus on a wide spectrum of art. The roster includes musicians as well as poets and visual artists.

When asked why he created VoodooHoney, Anderson replies, “I completely created VoodooHoney to fill a gap that I saw. It was a giant gap that I didn’t think could be filled with one entity, but I realized it was possible once we reached into so many interdisciplinary fields.”

To celebrate the birth of VoodooHoney Records, Company Brewing will be hosting an unveiling party featuring performances from their roster and DJ sets by Noh Life. The show will take place on Saturday, December 10. Tickets are $10.