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Seu Jorge pays tribute to David Bowie this June in Milwaukee

Seu Jorge pays tribute to David Bowie - Life Aquatic

It has been over a year since David Bowie passed away.  There have been many tribute since then.  One of my favorite artists to take on the work of Bowie has to be the Brazilian artist Seu Jorge.  He performed Bowie tunes for the film 'The Life Aquatic' . On June 16 at the Pabst Theater, you will have a chance to see him perform those tunes in honor of Ziggy Stardust.

In commemoration of David Bowie’s recent passing, Seu Jorge performs a special tribute to him while recreating the set to the film A Life Aquatic on stage
alongside screens crafted as boat sails that will be displaying images from the film. Seu Jorge, one of Brazil’s most talented contemporary singers, rose to
international fame in the Wes Anderson film A LifeAquatic. In his acclaimed role as Pelé dos Santos, a singing sailor, Seu Jorge performed several of David
Bowie’s songs in the film. But in a twist, he did it in Portuguese, accompanying himself simply on acoustic guitar. Seu Jorge’s adaptations in Portuguese of
David Bowie’s music underscore the breadth and depth of his compositions and have gone on to have a significant cultural impact.

Tickets for the show will go on sale this Friday, March 17.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee