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Third Man Records will roll through Milwaukee next week

What: Third Man Records rolling record store Where: Acme Records, 2341 S Kinnickinnic Ave When: Monday, September 25 from 11am to 2pm

Keep reading for more details and our barely-controlled enthusiasm.


Since 2008, the penultimate celebration for vinyl lovers happens one Saturday in April. National Record Store Day is holiday for music lovers. They plan, they plot, they wake up ungodly early.

And it used to be just that. That one day a year... and the weekly visits to their local record shop... and monthly vinyl subscription services... and the temptation of Friday releases... and pre-orders. Okay, so maybe vinyl lovers aren't starving for reasons to celebrate or reasons to buy.

But the other side of the vinyl-loving coin is the buyer's delight in surprise and exclusivity. It's why they patiently comb through racks for hours and sit on the floor thumbing through crates. The unknown of what's in store (pun intended) is intoxicating. Will it be a new artist you'll fall in love with? An album you've been looking for for years? A rare find that got overlooked when the owner's we're pulling records for the end cap display? You just don't know!

Third Man Record's rolling record store capitalizes on these two loves. Their somewhat regular tours of U.S. cities each fall and spring bring their collection of unique finds to a local shop for just a few hours. You don't know when their coming, you don't know what they'll have.

Third Man stopped in Milwaukee back in April 2015 (check out our video below) and drew a line hours long. Add 2 years of brand growth and a continued resurgence in vinyl, you're bound to see an even longer line snaking down KK this Monday. We'll see you there.