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Slow Walker and Calliope kick off heavy-filled weekend with new releases

Listen to new music from Slow Walker and Calliope. Then, go see their shows this weekend!
This week's bandcamp pick is a two-fer in honor of this very heavy weekend - Slow Walker is celebrating their new release March 30th at Cactus Club, along with Gallery Night (also releasing a new record) and Moon Curse. On Saturday, March 31st on the other side of town is Calliope’s record release party at Company Brewing with Space Raft and Shogun. And closing the weekend out is SIN BAD, Dumb Vision, Bad Wig and Beggar at High Dive in Riverwest. The rock-packed weekend is just the start of a slew of rock shows happening in the next upcoming week; Sleep, Moon Rats, Maness Brothers, and Ty Segall.

The picks are from earlier this year – Kitchen Man from Slow Walker’s last EP and Evil as You, Calliope’s last single. Kitchen Man is a 9 minute track, recorded and mixed locally at Silver City Studios, that encompasses Slow Walker’s heavy sounding, but fun-hearted, persona. With a deep bass line that builds to hard hitting drums and solid psyche-rock guitar riffs, Kitchen Man is a head banging good time. Evil as You comes self-proclaimed “psychedelic crusaders of Rock n Roll” also known as Calliope. The more psychedelic sounding group is their latest single from their upcoming release “Chapel Perilous”. The self-produced work is enwrapped with hazy layered vocals, daze-infused reverb and a classic psychedelic rhythm. Listen below.