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Nwa Na Agbe blends afrobeats, soul and jazz with social awareness

Nwa Na Agbe ("black and mad" from the Igbo language of West Africa) recently released their six-track compilation of live recordings cleverly titled "Live!" with Voodoo Honey Records. The Afrobeat group blends jazz, funk and fun propelled with intention and awareness. The group is heavily inspired by Nigerian musician and human right activist Fela Kuti (who we recently chatted with). The album is a powerful and packed compilation that transports the group and sounds to wherever you may be.

Listen below.
Nwa Na Agbe gives more background to their origins and sounds: "In the spirit of musical protest, the primal force of Afrobeat music fuses traditional African rhythms, soul, funk, and jazz to create an original dance groove, while calling for social awareness and political change."

Listen to the Afrobeat group's new live album below and  check out the real thing April 7, 2018 at Club Timbuktu.