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Mixtape of bands to watch at Arte Para Todos this weekend

Arte Para Todos returns for it's third year this weekend in Milwaukee. The four day benefit showcases the incredible array of local musicians and artists all while highlighting various neighborhoods. To date, the volunteer-run festival has raised over $60,000 for art programs in Milwaukee schools. In honor of this awesome event, this week's Milwaukee pick of the week is Arte Para Todos' 2018 Compilation.
The 31-track compilation features everything from jazz to hip-hop, rock to folk and everything in-between. The opening track is a cover by Ms. Justin's sixth grade class with MC, Klassik and Sistastings and puts the event's mission into perspective—the importance of arts and music in schools and how crucial it is for youth.

With some new tracks and local favorites, the release sheds light on the diversity in the local music scene and how people (musicians, artists, organizers, the list goes on) in the community are willing to help. Listen to the compilation below and be sure to catch a few shows this weekend to show support!