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Beyoncé wants you to go vegan

So, veganism was Beyoncé's secret to get in shape for Beychella. At least, that's what the website for her new app, 22 Days Nutrition says. She just launched this vegan meal planning and delivery service with her vegan nutritionist Marco Borges.

"We want to challenge you as we challenge ourselves to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle and acknowledge you for standing up for your health and the health of the planet," Beyoncé and Jay-Z say on the website.
The website says, “We believe that optimum health shouldn’t be something that is reserved for a select few but is a right for all. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best, happiest life.”

Beyoncé and Jay's nutritionist, Marco Borges started in Miami as the owner of a gym, and then began to personally train celebrities. He got Beyoncé and Jay-Z hip to the benefits of a plant-based diet. The site says that together, they wanted everyone, not just celebrities, to have access to the tools needed to eat better. So Marco, Beyoncé and Jay-Z partnered to create 22 Days Nutrition.

22 Days of Nutrition gives you plant-based meals curated by nutritionists. After some questions about your cooking habits, dietary needs, allergies, household size and goals, it will suggest vegan recipes. After choosing one you like, you can either take your grocery list to the store or order in-app with Instacart or Peapod to get them delivered to your doorstep.

But, of course there's a price. For these unlimited printable menus and grocery lists, nutritional analysis for every meal, access to food coaches and advice from 22 Days,  it costs $14 per month or $99 per year.