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'Inherited Dreams' is the dreamy return of Nastos that we've been waiting for

Since their last release, "Inviting Waters," we've been patiently waiting for Nastos' next dream-like escapade. The group, led by Piles' bassist Nolan Truttschel, released their third EP, "Inherited Dreams," late last month. The 10-track compilation is a darker take on their normally softer shoe-gaze sound, but still has the dream-pop sound you'd expect from the Milwaukee group.
"Inherited Dreams" from Nastos is true-to-form scuzzy, dream pop, with reverb heavy guitars, fuzz box effects and soft and echoed vocals. While the EP is filled with euphoric sounds and daze-like effects, each track has an unique energetic quality that pulls you out of the dream-fueled trance and gets you wanting more.

Listen here: