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Paper Holland bring brassy melodies in their new single, 'Don't Go Now'

Since “Fast Food” we’ve had some sparse Paper Holland releases sprinkled throughout the last two years, but now we have an official date for their next full length album "Galapagos" and a preview of what’s in store with their song “Don’t Go Now,” which you can listen to below.
The new track is a soft indie rock plea that contains all the main ingredients that make Paper Holland a crowd favorite: melodic rhythms, entrancing buildups and full-bodied brass backings. It's apparent that since their last album, Paper Holland's self-awareness has manifested maturity and growth through concise, fluid breaks and an overall more poised, elevated sound.

Listen to the track below and be sure to check them out at their album release party with Klassik and Jaill on June 1 at Anodyne Coffee.