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Watch a teaser for the new Gorillaz album

We've been waiting for a new Gorillaz album in 2018 after the band's illustrator Jamie Hewlett revealed last year that they've been working on new music.

“Usually we have a good five-year break between each album," Hewlett said. "But we decided, ‘You know what? Let’s keep going.'"

This week, we got a trailer and a release date for their new album, "The Now Now."
First, Gorillaz debuted a new song on tour in Chile. Then, a series of posters at London’s All Points East festival surfaced, with a URL for the new Gorillaz album's website:

The white posters with black text lists a website,, where you'll find an eight second clip of disco music, a blink of one of the Gorillaz cartoons, retro text with "The Now Now" and a date of June 29. It's no surprise drop like they did for "The Fall" in 2010, but this certainly has the same air of mystery and spontaneity.

Here's that clip: