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The first full-length album from Sex Scenes is here and its very cathartic

Since 2016, Sex Scenes have been releasing cathartic, grime-filled punk tracks that reflect personal obstacles and external battles. This past month, they released their first full-length album “h” and didn’t hold back on the former.
Recorded at Howl Street Studios (mixed by Shane Hochstetler and mastered by Justin Perkins), the fifteen minute compilation addresses bleak circumstances with a brutal and straightforward narrative that many people have dealt with first hand but don’t often express with the same purge. Sex Scenes provides that absolution, obviously for the band, but also allows audiences and listeners that emotional release, which often goes dismissed.

Each track on “h” runs roughly under two minutes, some are just one, but are packed with energy that can only be amplified in person at one of their shows. With their quick whips and fast-past tracks, the Milwaukee quartet bring angst, grime and therapy enwrapped in their in-your-face head-banging punk approach.

Catch them on tour and back in Milwaukee on June 23rd at Cactus Club with Doubletruck. And listen to their new album below: