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Vanity Plates' new album, 'You Want to Move,' will make you feel liberated

A fairly new ‘fit, Vanity Plates has been impressively busy with writing, recording and playing. Somewhere in-between, the Milwaukee trio released their first full-length album, "You Want to Move," earlier this month and celebrated at Company Brewing this past weekend with Yum Yum Cult and Bum Alum. Their high energy and palpable vigor was contagious and they managed to translate it onto recordings with the help of Andrew Jambura at Silver City Studios and Jake Beyer (who mixed and mastered the album).

We got a look into what was happening in studios earlier this year with their single, "Your Car," but now we have the full compilation and it doesn’t disappoint. The album is nine tracks of an upbeat, transparent story filled with heavy percussion, climatic breaks, uplifting melodies and a perfect balance between it all.

Throughout the album, Vanity Plates addresses relevant conditions and relatable insecurities without bleak despair, but with a rather wistful sentiment and revitalizing attitude. "You Want to Move" is a pertinent compilation that flips not-so-ideal circumstances into cathartic and liberating summer anthems. Take a listen below.