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Everything we know so far about the Eaux Claires lineup this year

Thanks to the clever folks of Reddit, we know a handful of artists who are feaux sheaux going (and not going) to Eaux Claires on July 6 and 7.

User u/hhlift summarized all the hints and clues that Justin Vernon and the bands have given so far, though the only thing that is really official is that the full lineup will remain a secret until fans arrive on the grounds. The mystery is a great concept for a music festival that has always been more than a music festival—but, of course, we can't help but try to figure it out anyway.
Here's what we know about the cryptic Eaux Claires 2018 lineup so far, on top of the fact that Justin Vernon/Bon Iver will be performing (because, duh).


These are the bands that have been explicitly unofficially/officially confirmed by the Eaux Claires Instagram, by Justin Vernon on Twitter or by the bands themselves—and the links to the proof.

Strongly Hinted

These are the artists that have been either been confirmed on the Eaux Claires "Please Listen" podcast or Twitter—and the links to the proof.


These are the acts that have been hinted at with some ambiguous tweets and hints—and the links to the proof.

  • Low - Please Listen #1, played ExC I so might be a throwback song clip rather than an IV clue

  • Father John Misty  "Working it"

  • Aero Flynn Suspected (Please Listen #1 and #2 maybe guesses)

  • Patti Smith Mentioned in Please Listen #1


These are the artists that are unlikely because of hints that they won't be playing—and the links to the proof.


These are the artists that have either confirmed they're not playing or are booked elsewhere during the festival—and links to the proof.

  • Grizzly Bear  "Nope"  "we just sadly aren't"

  • Poliça  Nope

  • Radiohead Playing Chicago on Friday and Saturday

  • Ray LaMontagne Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7

  • Neko Case Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7

  • Courtney Barnett Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7

  • Phantogram Booked 80/35 and Summerfest

  • Borns Booked Summerfest and Basilica Block Party

  • Jason Isbell Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7

  • Jeff Rosenstock Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7

  • Ben Howard Booked elsewhere July 6 and 7 (Europe)

  • Yeezy  "def not coming"

No matter who is on the bill this Eaux Claires, one other appearance is certain: ours. The 88Nine crew has our tickets. You can get yours here.