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Hello Death sheds light on dark folk with 'For Those With Many Hearts'

Folk and Americana group Hello Death released its newest album "For Those With Many Hearts."  Last month, the band released a preview with their single "The Royal Way" and now we have the complete puzzle. The long awaited album is a somber, heart-wrenching compilation recorded at Speckled Chemistry on an incredibly fitting rainy weekend.
Hello Death showcased what it does best with the latest release, challenging traditional expectations of Folk and Americana. With minimalistic instrumentation, powerful lyrics and a heavy perspective, the band managed to pair the darker take with mirroring harmonies and soothing melodies, creating a perfect balance. The thought-provoking work effortlessly translates into a transcendent and comforting nostalgia.

Listen to "For Those With Many Hearts" below (including "Just Kids" -  inspired by Patti Smith).