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Ruth B8r Ginsburg's live sound encapsulates empowerment and liberation

On March 8, 2018, Ruth B8r Ginsburg celebrated International Women’s Day among friends at Company Brewing in Riverwest, Milwaukee. The band was able to capture the essence of that special day. Now, they recently released four tracks from that live gathering. The seven-piece group from Milwaukee describe its sound as a “neo soul-folk group with an aim to lift up women’s voices," making it the perfect assembly for the occasion.
Opening with "All of Everyone at Once," Ruth B8r addresses hypocrisy in contemporary issues: closed-mindedness, racism and sexism. With powerful harmonies and honest perspectives, the group provides empowering anthems for a divided era.

The recording continues with liberating themes and relevant subjects that fuel an uplifting sense of catharsis. Listen below and be sure to catch the group live at Linnenman’s on July 19 and August 4 at Center Street Daze.