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Ako takes a fresh, fun look at adolescence on 'everything is ok.'

This week our Bandcamp pick of the week is actually a Spotify winner. Ako recently released their newest EP "everything is ok." The two-fit piece, composed of the impressively talented and young Gabby Powell and Mark Soriano, formed in 2016 with their debut "And You."
Since then, the duo have been playing locally and working on their newest compilation, "everything is ok." The four-track release is a sentimental and wistful look into the emotions and everyday qualms of youth and relationships. With catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, the indie pop-rock stylings take on more complicated and introspective subjects with a dewy approach that's both relevant and nostalgic.

The EP is a fun, light piece that'll have you bopping along through the rest of summer and feeling more than ok. Listen to Ako on Spotify below.