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Hey, Milwaukee artists—soon you'll be able to upload your music directly to Spotify

Are you a Milwaukee artist that pays for a service to distribute your music to services like Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon via services like Tunecore?  Well, Spotify is about to make it a little easier to upload your music to their service.

For the past few months, Spotify has been testing an upload tool within Spotify for Artists. They have been working with a handful of independent artists to test this new service including Noname, who use the upload tool to release her new album, "Room 25" on Spotify.

Currently, the service is only available to a select few, but it will open up to more artists in the near future.

Unlike other traditional digital distribution services, Spotify's new upload tool will be free for artists. In addition, your recording royalties will be deposited directly to your bank account. You will also receive clear streaming reports and insights on your music. Spotify will not charge any fees or commissions on the music you upload.

Learn more about Spotify's upload tool here.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee