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From England to Milwaukee, Holy Pinto finds a home with his new song, 'Wisconsin'


Aymen Saleh, aka Holy Pinto is a Milwaukee artist via Canterbury, England. What brings him to Milwaukee? After hours of conversation, we still don’t know. There is some reference to Maritime, which you can pick up in his music and there is some connection to the scene—Holy Pinto has been playing basement shows in Bay View and Riverwest. But mostly, it seems like he just finds Milwaukee to be a good place at the right time.
Aymen Saleh started in Philadelphia when he came to the US, and after a tour he ended up having an extended stay at a Pilot truck stop in San Antonio, Texas before finding himself in Milwaukee.

After stints in Bay View and now on the East Side, Saleh has made Milwaukee his home, but there is no place that feels more at home to Saleh than the Highbury Pub in Bay View.

"I wrote half the song a year ago when I had the idea of sticking around in the States and the half after I actually ended up settling in Milwaukee. I wanted to give it a local flavour, so I included a little tidbit about my love for watching "soccer" at the Highbury Pub in Bayview.All is well in the world when I can have shots of Malört with Joe (the owner) and the regulars at 6am on a Saturday morning.No matter how hard life may be at times, I know I'll always have the Highbury. It gives me the semblance of feeling at home."

This is his new song about the city he now calls home.

Holy Pinto will be releasing a new album early next year. Until then, here's where you can see Holy Pinto live:

11/1 - Minneapolis, MN - House Show

11/4 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Underground

11/5 - Boise, ID - TBD

11/7 - Seattle, WA - Woodland Theatre

11/8 - Portland, OR - No Fun

11/9 - Redding, CA - The Annex

11/12 - Fullerton, CA - Riff Mountain

11/13 - Phoenix, AZ - Pebble Beach

11/17 - Houston, TX - TBD

11/18 - Denton, TX - Company Brewing

11/19 - Oklahoma City, OK - TBD

11/24 - Shrewsbury, NJ - Christ Church

11/27 - Middletown, CT - Mac 650

11/28 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Roboto

11/29 - Detroit, MI - The Sanctuary

12/1 - Milwaukee, WI - House Show